Applaws Cat Chicken Multipack 12 x 70g Sachets


Dhs. 94.50 

Applaws Cat Chicken Selection 12x70g sachets.

Chicken in Broth Multipack

A fantastic way to give your cat variety, this Applaws cat multipacks contain a selection of chicken recipes.

Using 100% natural and sustainable resources, this Applaws cat multipack contains complementary cat food which is free from fillers and cheap grains. Nothing but natural, high quality ingredients go into Applaws wet cat food and every ingredient is listed on the tin. Applaws wet cat food contains no cereals or grain and is free from gluten, so it can be of particular benefit to cats prone to digestive upset.

Multi pack of Applaws cat pouches;

4 x Chicken Breast & Wild Rice
4 x Chicken Breast & Pumpkin
4 x Chicken Breast & Asparagus

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