Aqua One Micro Pad - Self Cut Filter Pad 25.4 W X 45.7cm L

Aqua One

Dhs. 86.00 

Aqua One MicroPad Aquarium Filter Pad, 45cm

Size: 45.7cm L x 25.4cm W

Filter pads help to remove floating waste in fish tanks. Removing the debris is important because it prevents it from breaking down and polluting the water.

The Aqua One MicroPad gives you the ability to cut it to fit your filter shape and size. This includes: Cannister filters, hang-on filters, trickle/mini reef systems, top filters and pond filters.

  • Suitable for both fresh and marine aquariums.
  • Helps to keep fish tank water clean and clear.
  • Easily cut to size.

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