Bergan Catnip Cyclone Track Cat Toy


Dhs. 94.50 

Our Bergan Catnip Cyclone Track Cat Toy will create a whirlwind of fun for your fabulous feline! Your kitty will have hours of fun chasing the little ball trapped inside the track. While the exercise ball moves around the track it generates air currents to stimulate the euphoric aroma from catnip inserted into the center. The center also has an easy pour opening for the catnip (included) so you can quickly set up the toy as your fur-ocious friend anxiously awaits playtime. This unique toy also snaps onto the Bergan Turbo Scratcher and Star Chaser for stacked fun. So sit back, relax and watch your kitty get some great exercise while playing. It will be a breeze…of catnip.

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