BioKat's Diamond Care fresh 12 Litre


Dhs. 82.95 

With pure natural charcoal for highly effective odor control

Diamond Care contains pure natural charcoal for highly effective odor and aloe vera for gentle care . Diamond Care is also provided with a fresh baby powder scent.

What is the Biokat’s “Diamond Formula ™ “?

Our “Diamond Formula ™” provides additional, highly effective protection against unpleasant odors by purely natural active carbon and additional care provided by Aloe Vera.

Our “black diamonds” – Highly effective activated carbon

Our all-natural charcoal made ​​from coconut shells, a renewable resource. Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon body with a vast inner surface . If you would unfold only 2 grams of activated carbon, this would result in the almost unimaginable area of half a football field (2,000 square meters)! By special physical forces are odorshigh effectively fixed to the activated carbon bound . This simple principle is called “van der Waals forces.” Due to the enormous surface area of the activated carbon and the van der Waals forces, the activated charcoal can bind many smells incredibly highly effective. Activated carbon has been used successfully for a long time in the household – in cooker hoods in odor filters for refrigerators, water filters, in shoe inserts, etc.

When it comes to odor control, then activated carbon is thus a true “black diamond”!

Our “green diamond” – Gentle care thanks to Aloe Vera **

Our used in Diamond Care Aloe Vera is obtained solely from the leaves of “Aloe barbadensis Miller”. Immediately after the harvest reach the mature Aloe Vera leaves from the plantations in the factory, so that their valuable ingredients are fully preserved. In the manufacture aloe vera leaves are washed with water and then peeled by hand. The Journal fillets are processed subsequently to Aloe Vera gel and liquid and powder concentrate. For Biokat’s Diamond Care Aloe is used as a liquid essence and sprayed on the litter. Thus all our scattered grains receive a “shower gel”. Test it yourself: Rub a few grains between your fingers. Feel how soft the skin feels afterwards?A nursing feel that long preserved! Your cat will love this feeling, because cats are very clean animals. Aloe Vera – our “green diamond”!


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