Buff K-9 Endurance & Stamina

Buff K-9

Dhs. 200.00 

Buff K-9 Endurance & Stamina Booster 250g.

Best Dog Endurance Supplement for Stamina

Key Benefits:

- significantly enhances endurance and stamina
- protects the heart muscle
- improve blood flow and oxygen saturation
- nitric oxide production
- all-natural

WHO NEEDS DOG ENDURANCE SUPPLEMENTS: Dogs that are under heavy exercise stress must have our dog endurance supplement ?Endurance & Stamina Booster? to support recuperation and performance at the highest level, and to also help prevent over stressing the heart muscle. Your dog can benefit from increases in blood flow and oxygen delivery, further enhancing endurance/stamina and protecting vitals. Our all-natural dog endurance supplement is a must have if you truly want to maximize the quality of life for your dog and remember, your dog would do it for you.

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