Bunny Nature My Little Sweetheart Anis-Fennel

Bunny Nature

Dhs. 15.75 

Supplementary food for dwarf rabbits & rodents

  • Containing the valuable ingredient inulin (in the same way as in the Crunchy Cracker), useful for controlling the blood sugar level and for maintaining it at a healthy level
  • The small, heart-shaped biscuits are especially suitable for feeding animals directly from your hand because of their size
  • Striking and attractive packaging design which provides an excellent display for the heart-shaped biscuitsSupplementary food for dwarf rabbits & rodents
  • No added sugar, preservatives and colouring
  • Cute heart shape

What a fantastic taste combination: Aniseed and fennel! A snack that is very popular for everyone and will be gobbled up on the spot. A big treat as a reward or snack for in between!


Spelt, oat bran, rice, fruit pomace, oat peel bran, lignocellulose, anise (1,5%), fennel (1,5%), calcium carbonate, chicory powder (0,5% inulin)


Feeding guide


4-6 crackers a day - depending on the size and weight of the animals.


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