BUSTER Flexible Undercoat Rake- 13 Short Pins


Dhs. 42.00 

This top quality undercoat rake from the Buster range of dog grooming equipment is a brilliant tool if you own a dog with a double coat such as a Border Collie or Old English Sheepdog. They are particularly vital during the spring shedding season when these breeds are losing most of their thick wooly undercoat. For the best result focus on your dog’s flanks and around the base of the tail, as these are the areas where loose hair tends to accumulate. Make sure you don’t press too hard or pull on any tangles, just gradually break them down from the outside. Flexible head to follow the contours of your dog Widely spaced long teeth suitable for long thick coats Pins rotate independently to work through matts and tangles without tearing coat Blunt ended to prevent damaging your dog’s skin Great for dogs with thick or double coats

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