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Pets Unlimited

Pets Unlimited Tricolor Chewy Sticks w/ Ckn L 3pcs

Pets Unlimited Tricolor Chewy Sticks w/ Ckn L 3pcs

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3 sticks, 240 grams

These tricolour chew sticks come in a pack of 3 large pieces. Beef chew sticks wrapped in delicious chicken your dog will definitely love. Chew sticks strengthen teeth and gums which helps prevent infections developing. 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and suitable for all breeds but not recommended to give to dogs under 4 months old. For safety, ensure your dog's mouth is bigger than the chew stick.

Dietary advice

Chews by Pets Unlimited are a dog treat suited for daily consumption. They are not meant to replace a dog’s daily nutritional needs. Always monitor your pet while they are eating, and make sure they have access to enough drinking water.

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