Savic Puppy Trainer Spray


Dhs. 42.00 

500 ml - 8 x 6 pcs
A useful aid for housetraining puppies
Place the SAVIC PUPPY TRAINER pad where your pet feels most comfortable but away from
pet bedding, food and water. Keep the pad in the same location so that your pet does not get
confused. Spray on to pad, from a distance of about 15 cm. Spray frequently and place the
puppy on the spray area regularly, especially after awakening, feeding or playing so that it
can relieve itself. Also if you notice that your pet is looking fidgety or restless, guide him or
her immediately to the pad. It is helpful to choose a word or command which your pet can
associate with regular toilet habits. Give your puppy plenty of praise when the pad is used.
Remember to train your puppy patiently. In case of “accidents” scold your pet lovingly but
firmly. Clean the spot immediately to remove odour. When your puppy has been using the
pads regularly, which make some weeks, gradually move the pad closer to the door and
eventually outside. Use of pad can then be discontinued but continue for a short period to
spray the outside area to be used. We recommend to use the Puppy Trainer starter kit tray,
which will avoid the pad being torn or moved around the room.
Kittens and house rabbits: Spray directly on to litter tray as often as required.
Precautions: Do not breathe spray mist. Use in a well ventilated area.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children.
Store below 25°C.

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